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Compassionate Planet camp is designed to develop empathy and understanding of green planet initiatives around the world through crafts, activities and discussion.

In alignment with Asian American Resource Center's mission, the campers will learn about different ecofriendly practices in Asia, such as Taiwanese' trash truck that plays music or Singapore's unique laws to preserve nature.


Key Questions

I would like our students to meet professional engineers and be inspired; to thrive like the professionals because they are so knowledgeable and fun! but also, to learn the importance of protecting our planet and how they can contribute to the well-being of our world.

Should it be possible, I would like the content to incorporate Asian/Asian-American influence, for example, either using a materials that is common in Asia for the activity or speaking about how the activity is being practiced in a Asian country, or how it could potentially solve a problem in a specific region.

 I would be grateful to have a volunteer that can lead our students with a fun, insightful activity for couple of hours and also, teach them about the engineer perspective to protect the world. 

Expected Outcomes

I would like a guest speaker that can lead our campers through two hours activity related to ideas of green planet initiative and also give a short presentation/lecture in regards it.


Event Date

Multiple Day Event

Event Location

8401 Cameron Rd. , Austin ,TX ,78754

Approximate location shown on map below


Jieun Kim
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