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The School of Engineering at Coppell High School is looking for qualified individuals interested in volunteering to facilitate our Robotics after school STEM club.  Our meeting times are Monday and Thursday from 4 to 6 PM.

Activities could include goal setting, design, mechanics, programming, etc. The SOE has the resources to run the club but needs volunteers to help facilitate one or more of the club meetings - give feedback to student projects, bring a hands-on activity, share experiences, answer questions, and have fun!

We are creating an after school Robotics club.  The objective is to build two robots to showcase to elementary campuses in our district and get kids enthusiastic about joining Robotics clubs in middle and high school.  We think the second robot will be used for competitions.

Key Questions

Real world job opportunities related to Robotics and Mechatronics.

How to code robots efficiently.

Leadership skills and inspiration.


Expected Outcomes

What judges look for in robots at competitions.

Leadership skills.

Planning and perseverance.

Organizational skills.


Event Date

Multiple Day Event

Event Location

Coppell High School- 185 W Parkway Blvd. , Coppell ,TX ,75019

Approximate location shown on map below


Pilar Castro-Zena COPPELL H S
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Robotics and Engineering   robotics team  
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Industrial Automation  Robotics  robotics engineering  Electrical-Electronic Manufacturing  Automotive  Industrial Automation  Mechanical or Industrial Engineering  software engineering  Agriculture  alternative energy  Aerospace 
Leadership  Robotics & Automation  Coding  Computer Engineering  Robotic Surgery  Robotics and sensory  Computer hardware and software support