Helping companies expand education outreach

We match employees skills to classroom and curriculum needs to create meaningful virtual interactions with the next generation of workers, anywhere, anytime. We make it possible to implement skills-based volunteering

Share your skills with the next generation

Without leaving your office, connect with classrooms to provide insight into your world of work, apply your skills to explain, mentor or evaluate student projects and introduce them to a world of possibilities that can help transform their learning. Companies can engage more employees in the K12 classroom and build a brand among the next generation while inspiring students for a better future.

Reach more classrooms effectively

Over 11 million students in rural schools lack access to diverse group of industry professionals. Nepris removes the geographic barriers and provides companies and professionals an effective online solution to connect with classrooms anywhere, anytime. Professionals have better insight into curriculum objectives so their time connecting with classroom is targeted and productive.

Track employee engagement & workforce development

Share the successes of education outreach with your key stakeholders. Nepris helps track, monitor and capture every minute of employee engagement in the classroom and measures impact over the long term. With the click of a button get detailed reports that gives your leadership team better insight into the impact of education outreach.

Share your contributions among your network

Receive badges to display on your social media profile like LinkedIn. Let your current and future employers know about your community engagement. Today's leaders are not the ones who are good at their jobs but are the ones that are great at community engagement. Build your professional profile through education outreach. Nepris can help you get started in minutes!