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This presentation from multiple Healthcare companies is geared toward educating individuals searching for a career and/or adult learners about careers in Healthcare and the educational pathways to enter those careers.

The presentation is brought to you through a collaboration between Texas Workforce Solutions partners in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), the Capital Area (Austin), and the Alamo region (San Antonio), as well as CareerSource Brevard in Florida.

Key Questions

The presentation may include the following:

  • An overview of the company and what they produce/provide.
  • An overview of the different types of employees at the company (administrative, technical, fiscal, human resources, etc.).
  • Discussion about the different Career Paths within the company (from frontline to supervisor) as well as opportunities outside the company (learning certain skill sets may open-up opportunities in the future elsewhere)
  • Skills that the company is looking for when hiring new employees.
  • The most difficult positions/skills to find in applicants.
  • Advice to prospective applicants on how to get ready for a career at their company, i.e. gaining experience, training, etc., what would that be?
  • Where the company operates or has locations. Does the company have a presence in Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, or the Rio Grande Valley (TXT) or near Brevard County (FL)? 

Expected Outcomes

  • Specific companies in the Healthcare industry
  • Careers and Career Pathways in the Healthcare industry
  • Technical and employability skills required
  • Education requirements


Curriculum Alignment

about 19 days ago Melani Stallkamp MSN, RN

Let me know if I can help! I can speak about what it takes to be a nurse, nursing supervisor and even teaching in nursing...I am in the Greater Cincy/N Kentucky area. However, this field doesn't change based on the geographic location.....except CEU requirements, etc.

Wednesday, 01 August 2018

Session Date

 08/22/2018 11:00 AM   Eastern Time




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